Seary on Maher

MAHAR,MAHER,MEAGHER,surnames of Ireland,Meagher also of England,in Ireland,O Meachair,Ir.Michair - kindly,in England from Old French megre,Latin macer - thin,lean.MacLysaght notes that Maher is now the more usual spelling of the name in Ireland.(MacLysaght,Reaney).
Traced by MacLysaght in Cos.Offaly and Tipperary.

In Newfoundland:
    Family traditions:Thomas Mahr,from Ireland,settled at St.Brendan's about 1818;he later moved to Valleyfield (MUN Folklore).Denis Maher (about 1780- ),from Tipperary,Ireland,settled in Nova Scotia,then at St.John's in 1818;he later moved to Flatrock (St.John's)(MUN Geog.).
Early instances:

Michael Maher,shoreman of St.John's,1794-5,"23 years in Newfoundland,"that is,1771-2(Census 1794-5);

Jeremiah,planter of Harbour Grace,1783 (D'Alberti 2);

John Meagher,of Trinity Bay,1785 (DPHW 64);

William Magher,of Carbonear,1795 (CO 199.18);

John Meagher,proprietor and occupier of fishing room,Trinity (Trinity B.),Winter 1800-01(Census Trinity B.);

B.,occupier of fishing room at Bonaventure(unspecified),Winter 1800-01 (Census Trinity B.);

Mary,of Belle Island(now Bell Island),1803 (Nfld.Archives BRC);

Edward,from Gambourfield (unidentified)(Co.Tipperary),married at St.John's,1805(Nfld.Archives BRC);

Mary Maghan or Maghar,of Trepassey,1814 (Nfld.Archives BRC);

Patrick Magher,from Labrador,married at St.John's,1814 (Nfld.Archives BRC);

John Meagher,of Careless (now Kerleys)Harbour,1821 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

Edward,of Riders Harbour (Trinity B.),1821 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

Patrick,of Twillingate,1822 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

Mary,of Ferryland,1828 (Nfld.Archives BRC);

Mary,of King's Cove,1830 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

Bridget Maher,from Co.Wexford,married at Trinity (unspecified),1830(Nfld.Archives KCRC);

Patrick,of Tickle Cove (Bonavista B.),1834 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

James,of Madix(for Maddox)Cove (Petty Harvour),1837(Nfld.Archives BRC);

John,of Renews,1837 (Nfld.Archives BRC);

Michael Meagher,from Piltown(Co.Kilkenny),and William,from Co.Tipperary,of Harbour Grace,1844 (Indicator 27 Jul 1844);

Edward,of Flowers Island (Bonavista B.),1851 (DPHW 76);

Patrick Maher,of Greenspond,1857(Nfld.Archives KCRC);

John,granted land at Little Placentia (now Argentia),1859 (Nfld.Archives,Registry Crown Lands);

James,planter of Aquaforte,1871 (Lovell);

Joseph,farmer of Flat Rock (St.John's),1871 (Lovell);

Daniel (and others)Mahar,of Marquise (Placentia B.),1871 (Lovell);

James and Thomas Maher,of Mobile,1871 (Lovell).

Modern status:

Mahar,at Hawke's Bay (Electors 1955),Seal Cove (near Stephenville Crossing) and Grand Bank;Maher,scattered,especially at St.John's,Flatrock (St.John's),and Bird Cove (St.Barbe district);Meagher,at Aquaforte and St.John's (Electors 1955).

Place names:
Mahers 47-24 53-22;______Brook 53-37 64-19;______Point 49-08 53-37.

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